Download this free wallpaper for Windows.


Need instant support? Simply download TeamViewer and run to setup. Basic Installation, and Non-Commercial, Private User. Call us on 08 9622 2771

Our support technician will then remotely connect to your computer, and will explain, over the phone, in clear, friendly and understandable terms, the steps taken to fix your computer problem - all in real-time while you watch! More info...



Our gift to you. We have developed a clock for Windows Vista, Windows 7 and Windows 8. It is available for free download. It is malware and spyware free, has no adverts, and is digitally signed.

Clock Gadget with easy installer







Useful information on Windows Stop Messages
Useful diagnostic utilities from Sysinternals
Download and install Teamviewer Host
What is my IP address?
Excellent backup utility SecondCopy from Centered
Email Security Test: Do this to test your email security.
Test your ADSL internet speed: ADSL Speed test
OZ Speedtest your ADSL using Westnet mirror

Some good tricks, tweaks and tips... from one computer guy

Download and install LibreOffice 4, a complete open-source Office suite compatible with popular office formats such as Word and Excel.


We feature various downloads our customers have requested. Should you have any other requests, please let us know.

Click on logo to the left to download Classic IT Support Screensaver installer.


This digital clock has been developed for Windows Xp. It is lightweight, doesn't require any tricky add-ons, and just simply runs.

Download and save and/or run the installer. This clock is completely free, is digitally signed, and is free from any malware or adverts.







Download and install this quality antivirus program from Microsoft.